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Wednesday 30th November 2022


We are phenomenal at predicting the winners which most experts never see coming, called dark horses. Our horse tips CHALLENGE the betting favorites!

  • Bankroll Mgmt 101: Accept history. The betting favorite will lose 66.8% of the time.
  • Bankroll Mgmt 201: It is in YOUR interest to bet against the favorite.
  • Bankroll Mgmt 301: Most handicappers forget to apply lesson 201. Don't bet like them.

By crunching 10.4 million data points we are able to SEE AHEAD to spot which races will be likely influenced by hidden factors. These thrilling predictions are revealed through the app on Wednesdays to Sundays.


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$1,986 from a $30 wager

This was Country House
$30 TO WIN

WIN - Churchill Down - R12 - $30 +$1986.00

1st: 20

Bets (1) Amount: $30

Ticket #: 82532168012678 Total: $30

Placed At: 05-04-2019 6:47 pm

Status Won $1986.00

Order Of Finish
1st 20 Country House
2nd 13 Code Of Honor
3rd 8 Tacitus
4th 5 Improbable
5th 16 Game Winner
$1.00 EXACTA 20-13 $l,504.80
$0.50 TRIFECTA 20-13-8 $5,737.65
$1.00 SUPERFECTA 20-13-8-5

//Our angle published 3 days before The Derby//

Handicapping the Kentucky Derby isn't ever straightforward. There are always a few dark horses that shape the outcome.

Analysing longshots which earned 1st-4th during the wet derbys, we identified common advantages: jockey win percentage, past workouts, off track earnings and distance pedigree as contributing factors.

    Two patterns easiest to communicate, the wildcards:

  • • all ran their last race within 36 days or less
  • • finished their last race in 1-4 place

Applying the models, here are the longshots to consider for the Kentucky Derby. #13 Code of Honor, #20 Country House and #14 Win Win Win

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